Kisses can kill

The calm after the storm has arrived along with the sunshine, and in more forms than one – life has not been very easy lately.

Slight change in accommodation – though it has its perks as I now have a garden with a pool, and just in time for this weekend’s 30 degree forecast. About time too, I was beginning to think that I was back in England the amount of rain I’ve seen recently. In the process I’ve done an animal swap. Instead of one big dog, I now have two little dogs, one rather large cat and a tabby. The dogs are like fluffy, white, baby teddy bears. The type you buy in a toy shop but the real-breathing-deal. Super, super soft – honestly incredible. When they greet me in the morning they frolic like little lambs and I want to cry.

So, Argentina. I like it. So far, so good. Last weekend I travelled to Córdoba by bus with a pit stop in Santiago del Estero where I had dinner with a friend. Side note, when I say dinner, that usually entails a 10/11pm start(if not later), leaving the table at around 1am and them going for a drink, or a dance(or both) afterwards. The bus for Córdoba was due to depart 6.50am, so naturally you can imagine the disbelief when my friend rolled over at 7am to inform me that collectively we had slept through five alarms and our bus had departed ten minutes ago. Fab. That’ll teach us for indulging in the wine at dinner…

Other than that hiccup, it was a lovely weekend. Córdoba is surprisingly green for the second largest city in Argentina, though I fear I could be slightly deranged after experiencing the desert north of the country. There is a lot of rooftop/patio vineyard effect encased in blood red walls with mahogany furniture going on, and I absolutely loved it. It was like walking around an interior design show dedicated especially to my taste, I just wanted to steal all the ideas and put everything in my house(which doesn’t exist).

I’m still adjusting to the kissing here. All the time, every day, every night, strangers, friends, colleagues – even students. It’s quite nice but I do sometimes forget and am never quite sure where the boundaries are either. If my students greet me with a kiss, can I kiss the cute guy from the art shop goodbye, because I really feel like we bonded over sketch pads after the trouble he went to finding everything I needed yesterday? Last week a student actually leaned in across the table I was sitting at to kiss me hello, fell into it and jammed the table into my chest thus squishing me against the wall. Can one kiss on the cheek get any more intimate?

Apparently the storm is making a comeback tomorrow so I am trying to lap up as much vitamin D as possible, that said my sun tolerance is shamefully low at the moment. Someone did mention that the sun was stronger here than in Europe but I honestly thought they were joking. My break from the sun is up, wonder how many minutes I can bear this time before I melt into the pool…


Photo taken 16th April, 2016.


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