Angie in Argie

It’s strange because I have so much to say after the influx of information and events of the last month, yet I can’t seem to stop it churning around my brain to even get it on paper, let alone published screen.

March is my favourite month so far this year, two weeks of sightseeing in Buenos Aires, a day in Uruguay, moving to my new hometown – all of which were accompanied by a superstar friend who kept me sane while I was homeless, friendless and practically broke.

I am now writing this from the 8th floor balcony of my flat, I like to think I have made friends here and it’s payday next week, hooray! So thank you to the receptionist at the hotel where I set up camp who started talking about my helpless situation to a complete stranger, who happened to live on the most central street in the capital of Tucumán and had a spare bedroom free. Forever thankful for the absolutely bizarre manner in which the world functions. I still stop at the hotel on the way to the gym to see everyone and update them on my weird and wonderful life. They enjoy laughing at my embarrassing or ridiculous stories.

It doesn’t even stop there, I have a dog! Okay fine, sorry, he has a dog. Though I reckon I might spend more time with him, we learn French together on the balcony in the morning, we eat lunch together(our favourite is steak and salad) and we even siesta together. We are best pals. The saddest part of my day is after he’s helped me choose my outfit, has had his sulk while I put my wedges on and I have to go to work, at 5pm.

Yes, I go to work at 5pm.

I work from 5pm until gone midnight and have completely wrecked my body clock in the process – although I think that happened after that night we rode in a police truck in Buenos Aires. Or on my first day when I made the mistake in thinking that a cappuccino before classes would make me more awake and with it. Instead I introduced myself to my students with major caffeine shakes and turned up to work the next evening on next to no sleep. Full of wonderful ideas I am.

A smoother week is priority this week(my eyes are black) and if that goes accordingly I should end up travelling to Córdoba to celebrate a birthday and explore the city with friends for the weekend, perfect.


Photo taken at Casa Rosada, Buenos Aires, March 2016.


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