Two Weeks to Go

Sixth plane in a fortnight, getting a tad ridiculous really. I am officially staying put for the next two weeks – my last two weeks! Ahhhhh, so crazy, it’s almost all over, so strange. My work visa for Argentina has been officially granted and I am all good to go. I truly am good to go as well. I have been back in Germany for approximately 120 minutes and I have already had someone barge in front of me in the queue, two men purposely misdirect me, purely because I wasn’t buying my dinner from their stall (I’m sorry that I’m gluten free – not that I’d eat your food now anyway) and my train guard was actually happy, but for all the wrong reasons – bet it was his idea to blast up the heating, sicko. Why can’t we all just be friends? I don’t need a cake full of rainbows, I just think it would actually be rather nice if we could all just get along. Or maybe just learn to smile?

Sorry folks, you appear to have caught me during a bad time. Germany is really not that bad, I am just an overtired, travelling, mushy mess. As a matter of fact, Germany is actually really rather nice, the way I am behaving on the other hand, is not. Let’s start over.

Hello, how are you? I am back in Germany for my last two weeks and have a to do list so long I can see myself wading(drowning, I mean drowning) through it by the end of the week. I don’t particularly wish to expand on that list of pending errands for fear of stressing myself out or boring you to death. How about instead, we play the game where we have nothing to do?

…Hmm, much better.

My second to last weekend consists of a girls on tour weekend trip around the country I have been calling home for the last half year. You can buy a “schönes Wochenende Ticket” here between a group of you, which allows you to take as many trains anywhere within the country on a Saturday or Sunday. I’d love to tell you more, however planning the trip is also somewhere on that nothing-to do list, so I’ll just let you know if we ended up lost somewhere or if I eventually got round to finding accommodation and/or a good route.

I must also apologise for my lack of blogging recently. This may sound pathetic, but sometimes I have so much to write about, it sort of overwhelms me to the point where I have no idea where to start, so I simply don’t. I shall try to refrain from doing that from now on, and instead I think I should probably learn to face reality and crack on with this unfortunate a lot-to do list.

Liebe Grüße.


Photo taken in Augsburg, Bavaria, January 2016.


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