23rd January 2016

(I wrote this in January and forgot to publish, sorry! So imagine it’s January)


Well well well, long time no see.

Bonjour! I am learning French. It’s not too bad so far, I have no idea if I’m going to keep it up or give it up but I thought it would be worth a shot either way.

So how’ve you been?

Nice Christmas? Shit New Year? …so overrated isn’t it.

What’s that, sorry? Oh, you had a lovely New Year? Oh, your boyfriend took you to that fancy restaurant, did he? …well yes, I suppose I don’t understand, being single and all. No, no I’m not saying New Year’s should be abolished. Why did I ask? Who do I think I am?

I don’t know. No idea.

Happy New Year anyhow.

So I have been braving the sub-zero snow situation back in Germany for the last two weeks, believe they call that winter here. It is incredibly beautiful, despite what it does to my face after retreating back indoors, that is most definitely not beautiful (unless you’re into red pufferfish). Only one month of my placement left and the first half of my year abroad is done! Weird. Even more refugees are attending school now and therefore my English and German as a second language classes, and as naughty as they can sometimes be, I think I will actually be rather sad to leave.

The location of my placement in Argentina has now fiiinally been revealed, too. Tucumán – how much fun is that name? Flights are booked and the preparation starts next month. That whole strip of the world is completely foreign to me, never even visited the USA let alone South America. I’m going to learn the tango! I’ve been taking tai chi classes here in Germany, but will be switching to tango classes in Argentina. Wonder if it resembles the cultural difference and how different each half of my year abroad will be, tai chi vs. tango… guess we’ll just have to wait and see. A week and a half of sightseeing in Buenos Aires with a friend awaits before we fly north to find somewhere for me to live and explore my hometown a bit – eek!

Currently sat on a bus to Essen, which means food in German. It also means to eat. To eat food = Essen essen. I don’t imagine it’s a particularly touristic city or attraction, I just want to Essen in Essen essen, and also to be able to say “Ich habe Essen in Essen gegessen”. Like the time I ate a banana split in Split. Little things people, little things. We are staying in a nice(I hope) hotel in the centre, hopefully surrounded by lots of Essen. Fingers crossed.

This time next week I will be in Oslo, Norway for the weekend with friends. Will be sure to take lots of snowy snaps!

A. x


Photo taken in Donauwörth, Bavaria, 17th January, 2016.


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