The sky has looked like a sunset all day long today, it is epically beautiful. We’ve had stormy sunshine from a hazel fog creating double rainbows and torrential rain with a 10/10 effort from the clouds and blue sky that look like Michelangelo has been flicking his paintbrush at it from heaven. That’s not a euphemism, incredibly sorry.

It has been the perfect last full day in Germany for 2015. Despite having to cycle around town like a loony because I received a letter from the council with an appointment for when I am away – according to my landlady, if I don’t show, the police will come. Naturally I panicked and sped into town until I found the right people to assure me that I will not be going to prison any time soon. There really was no need to exaggerate now was there…

Anyway this may be my last day in this bizarre country (there, I said it) for this year but I will be returning for six-ish weeks after Christmas before I have a two day break in England to unpack, repack and jet off to South America for seven months!! Eeeeeek. So tomorrow I am travelling back home to England for nineteen days of eating, spaniel cuddles, hysteric mania with my sister (we are having a FIVE day sleepover, yes that’s right), serious sales shopping with my best pal and even a new year’s four day weekend in Cornwall. I cannot wait.

The fooooood, that is the best part. I am going to eat my way to Alaska and back, well, if only. Sof and I have decided to attempt a vegan, gluten free gingerbread house, too. Yeah, I’m not really sure about it either but nothing wrong with a little optimism is there, besides it will (hopefully) still taste good even if it does all go to pot. She’s vegan and I’m gluten free, our parents gave up trying to feed us quite a while back… Christmas dinner on the other hand is actually one of the best problem free meals in terms of dietary requirements. I mean, who gives up or is allergic to veg? Full of useless information aren’t I, yeah okay, I’ll stop.

I’m not entirely decided as to whether or not I will be blogging over this period. I am planning to turn both phones off and leave them in my draw for the majority of the time like last year – thoroughly recommend by the way, it’s the only time you can really get away with it and it’s nice to block out all of the social media rubbish and spend time with family properly.
No, I have come to the conclusion, no blogging. So this is Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all! May all your wishes comes true and all that laadidaaaa… Shame really, that word would be such a nice name if it didn’t have such a floopy connotation.

P.S. Let’s also take a minute to remember that it wouldn’t be Christmas without those heated debates, that awful present you must force yourself to appreciate publicly or your mother asking if you ought be having another slice of cake… Just try and tell yourself whoever it is, that they probably do it because they love you, if you’re lucky.


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