Today marks the 100th day of my year abroad and I feel as though I could write a trilogy of books on my time already. Since my last post I have…

  • Been to Berlin and back (where I threw up in someone else’s bed and was put into the recovery position four times… oopsie…)
  • Signed up to volunteer at a refugee camp
  • Received the rudest (ever) booty call of my life
  • Written 3,000 words in German on the cognitive and psychological problems refugee children face and the language acquisition techniques and theories of teaching two brand new languages with no initial language in common (conclusions are: learn Arabic)

but best of all…

  • Discovered the most delicious gluten free pizza in the world – I’m not kidding or exaggerating, food is not a joke.

And my last post was only less than two weeks ago… breaaathe.

The nicest thing about moving to live in another country is that the things you have been taught from a book for years come to life and you experience refreshingly new culture every day. Silly little things like how people greet each other, how they dress or what they like to eat. It makes you think, really think, about how different we all are. The houses look a bit strange, the language is confusing at the best of times and I go hungry every Sunday that I forget to buy some food on a Saturday. It is brilliant.

The only sad thing that I have learnt is unless you are at home with your family, it doesn’t feel like Christmas. Despite my greatest efforts(already eaten waaay too much chocolate) to feel festive and how Germany transforms into a winter wonderland of sparkly lights and yummy food found in squares hustling and bustling with woolly hat adorned locals clutching a hot mug of glühwein, until you find yourself pulling baggier clothing out of your wardrobe and falling asleep with your dogs on the sofa, it’s just not Christmas. I haven’t even watched Love Actually or Elf yet! Here’s to a fast week at school and a smooth journey home.

Photo taken in Berlin, December 2015. 


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