Just Kids

Children keep verbally attacking me in the corridor with their ridiculous questions to the point where I am arriving to my classes purposely late in order to avoid them. My own fault for telling a pupil that I can write in Japanese, spread like wildfire and now everyone wants their name written for them.  At least that kid has stopped saying, “Hey baby”, to me every time we pass on the stairs. What is my life.

I left school last week bewildered as to why that sixteen year old boy wouldn’t pick up his pen when I was trying to help him to do his work (does he hate me, do I smell, can he understand me, what did I do????) however this week I turned up completely bemused with all of the smiley pupils constantly demanding my help. One kid actually low fived me… what is going on?

Only three classes this morning with the plan to stay on and continue my 4,000 word German essay (kill me now) but I decided to prioritise food, as I’m sure any sane person would have also done if they had to choose between the two. Unable to recall what time the village bakery closes for lunchtime, my hunger drove my legs to half walk, half run after I realised that on Mondays they have my special bread. I got there at 11:59 to discover that they close at 12:30 not 12:00 and that there really was no need for me to have put my new boots through such trauma. One third(who am I kidding, we all know I ate half) of a loaf, way too much butter and a lot of stolen(don’t leave delicious looking things on the kitchen counter) grapes later and I have eaten my feelings back to comfort. Congratulating myself on the extra few km I have earned for my run this evening, silly.

I don’t really know what happened to me but I think I lost my sanity somewhere in between the shock of my class actually paying attention to me, trying to translate a German worksheet into Russian so that the Bosnian twins could do their English work and finding myself joining in with the knocking on the tables(Germans knock, we clap) during our staff meeting. Am I officially German??? I’m not even very sure that I was that hungry, I think I just wanted good reason to escape. And as I did, a bunch of year 10s shouted goodbye whilst waving, which is just not normal. What happened to my grudgy teenage pupils?!

Tomorrow I’m hoping to return to my usual half asleep pupils who turn into animals(no seriously) during break time. Maybe Christmas or last week’s snow has gone to their heads? I don’t blame them, night time here is magical, if there’s any country that knows how to do Christmas, it’s Germany. It certainly went to my own head last night at the Christmas market, especially after all that mulled wine …ohh actually maybe that’s why I’m feeling so strange today?


P.S. Somewhere in between the essay writing, Christmas mayhem and school, I will definitely be writing more about Riga.


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