Euroless Excursion Encouragement

Okay, here goes.

A fellow blogger has kindly brought to my attention that if I become rich (one can dream), I will have to change my domain name. Very logical point, I agree with you (maybe not about the rich part…). Although hear me out as I at least like to think that there is method to my madness.

At the time, I literally was euroless in Europe and I found myself laughing(…/crying) hysterically with a friend when it dawned on me. (Have you ever tried spending money when you didn’t have it, that whole laugh or cry situation??) Now that I have euros, I would actually quite like to stay in the same mind-set. Whether that be because I have spent all of my earnings on mulled wine and currywurst (could happen) or because the various things and trips I do are euroless activities. Supposedly the best things in life are free and I would like to prove to the world that you really don’t need to splash the cash on getting places. I hear it so often, “Oh I wish I had the money to do that…”, “If only I could afford to go on holiday”, I can’t stand it any longer! Half the time it is cheaper to go to Barcelona or Amsterdam for the weekend than it is to get the train to London for a day out. Sam Cookney’s famous blog post in 2013 “Cheaper to rent in Barcelona and commute to London…” proved that it is in actual fact cheaper to live abroad and commute to London every day. I mean, I wouldn’t recommend doing that as such but you catch my drift.

I am not saying travelling or holidays are free, don’t be daft, most things in life come at a price nowadays. I just think we could all learn to use skyscanner before we book those £100 flights from Germany to the UK when if you dig a little deeper, you can discover that it costs as little as £7.50 to get to London Stansted from Cologne… or that you could get the bus overnight for £15… Yesterday I actually found a bus to Hamburg from Cologne for £1, no joke. (I shall leave you a nice list of helpful websites at the bottom).

Regardless of all my efforts to try and justify myself, the blogger’s comment still bears a lot of truth, as I have no explanation for when I move to Argentina in March. I guess I will technically be euroless? Just not in Europe… Ah well, 6 months in South America will spice up life and then I can be euroless in Europe when I move back to Cardiff.

P.S. Spending the weekend in Warsaw, flights were £20 return and our centrally located hostel is £10 for two nights… isn’t that how much you’d pay for a meal and drinks out, or that nice jumper you wanted?

The classics…

– use the “low fare finder” on these websites, sometimes it’s hidden because they are sneaky and know people will just use the standard search engine instead. On ryanair at the moment you can’t even find it under “plan a trip” at the top, scroll righhhht down to the bottom of the webpage and it’s in small print “fare finder”.

  • – one of my favourites, has an “I don’t mind, inspire me!” destination option. (Once went to Budapest at Christmas time for £75 which included return flights (+ luggage) and a 4* hotel for four days, five nights, bliss. Budapest is also very cheap in itself.)
  • – be careful, can be a rip off. It used to be really good but they’ve changed their site and gone downhill – in my opinion.
  • – on top of being able to search “everywhere”, you can also click “cheapest month” for dates.
  • – I should use this more really but haven’t taken to it very much, this website searches every type of transport worldwide and assesses the cheapest methods. Type in your home address, destination address, whole trip sorted.
  • – particularly economically friendly for NUS card holders, these buses go everywhere.
  • – cheap airport transfers but also general journeys.
  • – search engine for flights, hotels, trips etc. although I don’t use this one very much.
– I don’t use these two either but doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t.
(Just on a sidenote, these “travel deals/packages” can reaaally rip you off sometimes. I understand that some people do it because it’s easier, stress-free, whatever, but these companies and websites do have to make a profit, so they will find a way to make you pay more. Sometimes the flights are more expensive because they’ve given you a good hotel deal but in reality if you search everything separately first, if you fly a day later or earlier, or find a different hotel, you can have a few extra meals out while you’re there. Okay sorry, just trying to help, bye.)
Photo taken on a flight to Copenhagen(£9.99).

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