Cocktails or Cocktales?

Firstly, apologies about the delay with my Copenhagen blog post, it will be published at some point, I just have to write it first! I don’t fancy rushing it amongst all the half term madness like this blog post, I’d much rather sit down with a cup of tea at my desk and peacefully string together all the bits and bobs from my journal. Secondly, where has all the time gone?? I only have three days of freedom left until I jump straight back into my first class at 8am on Monday (with most probably not a clue what I’m teaching). On the bright side, I have Poland (less than two weeks now!) to look forward to.

I am on yet another train to the airport, this time to surprise my best friend at arrivals. The excitement is uncontainable, especially with the prospect of a Halloween Saturday night out!! I don’t think we’ve ever had a Halloween together before? This will be interesting considering my last Halloween night out consisted of two bottles of wine, losing my camera, mobile, student card and ID, getting lost in Wales’ capital and a homeless man holding my hair back for me… Never again.

Wining and dining with Mum all week was so lovely that after I dropped her off at the station I ended up in Einstein, her favourite restaurant in Koblenz. It just so happened to be happy hour and I had already finished my second “swimming pool” within the hour. Just to clarify, a swimming pool is my latest alcohol discovery and quite possibly the best cocktail known to man, meiner Meinung nach (in my opinion). It’s essentially a piña colada but with vodka and blue curacao as well as rum – clever Germans, always inventing the best things. You might question why I was drinking alone on a Tuesday night but quite frankly I’m not afraid nor embarrassed to admit that I was sad. I waved my mother goodbye at the station, checked my phone for invisible messages and felt a pang of loneliness. It happens. What I didn’t expect to happen on the other hand, was for the charming waiter, to give me his number. Who knew lonely drunk girls with paper and books all over their table could be a catch? Perhaps I looked like I meant business, where in reality I was really only attempting to sort my life out… Oh well, whatever I was doing got me an invite to the Halloween party at the Castle and potentially a date, if I actually message him (eek, shall I??).

My next surprise was an incoming message at lunchtime the following day, I believe the correct translation of the question into English and then decoded from dating jargon would be, “Netflix and chill tonight, my place?” After bumping into my German date with my mother in our local shopping centre last weekend (don’t even ask, absolutely horrific), I really thought it was all over. Apparently not?

Photo taken in Frankfurt, October 2015.


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