+2kg later…

Currently sat on a train, en route to pick up my wonderful Mama from the airport. I have unpacked everything from Copenhagen and got back into the German swing of things so fast that now I’m wondering whether it actually happened. Good job I’m a photoholic, I have proof. Beautiful proof. Luckily, I do not have so much proof of how much we consumed from day to day. Soooo much yummy gluten free goodness was discovered, completely dreamy and the ultimate pros (or cons??) of travelling with a fellow gluten free friend. On the plus side, the 10k I forced myself to do to compensate(/punish myself for thinking I could get away with spending that much on cake) this morning, was a personal best. So cake’s not all bad, can’t really feel my legs now but yeah cheers, Copenhagen.

Experiencing the language barrier this week was rather interesting for us. At times frustrating, at others hilarious. Danish sounds so much like German that just as you think you’ve grasped and understood a phrase, your brain goes out the window hearing something completely bizarre and you lose the plot – take this from someone who has now seen a Danish musical and found themselves linguistically overwhelmed. We also spent an evening walking around town waiting for happy hour to start, only to find out that it was on Thursdays, not Tuesdays. Don’t tell me you would guess Thursday over Tuesday for Torsdag???? Yeah okay, maybe, long day.

I am also now able to confirm the too good to be true bicycles and free food from our cute little Airbnb host (I think he was an angel). Two bicycles, a fridge full of unlimited beer, coca cola, OJ, butter, eggs, jam, chocolate spread, cheese and to top it all off, a fully functioning iPhone with data for us to use out and about (definitely an angel). He really made our trip the ultimate, carefree, get up and go travelling experience that it was. I was ecstatic upon arrival as to how much we had lucked out, until later on when I tried to stop on my brakeless bike… Now let me just explain something. I can ride a bike. Quite well for that matter. I would even go so far to say really well. I at least thought this, until I rode a Danish bike on a Danish road system. Looking back now, the fact that I trooped on and used my feet for brakes was incredibly idiotic but I am glad I did or we would have never discovered that actually, if you just pedal backwards, your bicycle wheels will stop turning. Marvellous. However something that I do on a bicycle, purely out of habit because I do cycle a lot, is pedal backwards while cycling, just because (I also enjoy the traffic light game where you have to stay on your bike for as long as possible until the red light goes green, that involves a lot of back pedalling too). So you can imagine, what an idiot I looked when I forgot where I was in the world and jolted to a halt, normally throwing myself off my seat. It brought a lot of entertainment (especially when I stacked it down a flight of stairs with my bike) and life lessons though so I am glad to have had the full Danish travel experience.

I shall definitely be writing another post on my travels in Copenhagen and my personal suggestions and opinions soon. I can’t not write one after having experienced the best amusement park I’ve even been to, (said the deprived child who never went to Disneyland) or the hippy crack hole Christiania that has it’s very own Green Light District.

I’m not sure when that will be happening though as I’ve just arrived at the airport and am really rather excited to have a good cup of coffee and catch up with someone special.


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