Half Term Happiness

It is officially cold. I have experienced -1°c and snow this week and can’t decide whether we are in autumn or winter anymore? My inability to lie in has worsened to the point where even getting in at 2am full of tacos, vodka shots, cocktails and wine (don’t) does not affect my body’s punctuality. Can I do a swap with my subconscious body clock and my own time keeping? I don’t feel very German yet. Probably because I’m not to be fair but it would be cool if I picked up the punctuality trait or at least a concept of time. Maybe I should buy a watch?

School is done and dusted now for two weeks (and breaaathe), I have jam packed my time off with a trip to Copenhagen, a visit from my dear mother and then from my best friend who is here for Halloween, so all very exciting.

I suppose you’ll be wanting to know how my date went, no?

So, apart from almost setting my menu on fire (candles are so overrated) and speaking German for at least an hour before he unleashed the fluent English (of course he did), I was surprised at how well it went… quite baffled actually. So baffled that I’m wondering whether it did actually go as well as I thought?? You know like when you leave an exam feeling 100% that you smashed it or at least passed? I’m sure we’re all familiar with that growing feeling of anxiety afterwards. Did I understand that question properly? Maybe it was a trick question? Why did everyone write that for question two?!  Great, I’ve failed.

Usually we discover that our hard work did pay off or that we lucked out, so I’m staying positive and guessing that he thought it went well too seeing as he sneakily paid while I was in the toilet (yes, I was doing the compulsory dish the dirt as fast as you can texting to my gal pals). So there really was no need to get my knickers in such a twist about anything.

Now we wait. Maybe pray a little. Or a lot.

Copenhagen is just one sleep away! Very, very excited. I need to weave through all the lonely planet and travel guide rubbish online to find the good stuff. Why can I never seem to find an easy, clear website with simple tips for travel? You know, “Go here, go there, see this but don’t bother going inside there, total waste of €10” etc. There always seems to be so much junk written around all the information, maybe I’ll attempt writing my own after we’ve come back. We are going from Sunday to Wednesday and staying with a very cute little airbnber, really looking forward to finding out if his advertised free use of bicycles is a myth and whether the unlimited beer, butter, eggs and cheese really are too good to be true.

For now though I think I should get my running shoes on and do something about all those tacos (so worth it).


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