International Relations

I should be revising right now, making good use of this free time. Instead, I have decided to express my panic on here. This free time has been allocated to me last minute by a teacher who forgot to tell me that my first class is doing a test and that I am not needed. Yes, my school is a sham. It is a very sweet little sham though and I only feel sorry for the staff when things like this happen – which is often. Why complain anyway really, I am being paid to do whatever I like right now, although I did get up at 6am and walk uphill for 30 minutes in 0 degrees (It’s only the middle of October, help). Silver lining, my body clock wakes up naturally at 5am every morning now anyway and I could do with the exercise to compensate for all the currywurst, really need to stop eating that (so so yum though). The only thing annoying me on this mystically misty morning is that every time I type a flipping y it’s a z, qwertzy Germans. Who knew a keyboard name could sound so rude when used as an adjective?

Rambling again wasn’t I, sorry.
This year I am the teacher, I write the tests, I mark the tests, but I don’t take the tests.  So why am I revising?

Tonight I have a date.



(How weird does German gobbledygook look without the y’s?)

Technically I’m not revising yet, sort of having a bit of a nervy b. A calm, composed-I am a teacher in the workplace keep your cool God damn it woman-nervy b. Yeah yeah, don’t worry I’ve done the whole “It’s just a date”, “What have you got to lose?”, “It’s a good life experience” talk with myself. Over and over and overrrr. I have just never been on a date where I can’t speak the language without making at least 5 grammatical errors in one sentence. Ya. More to the point, what is the German system for who pays on a date??? Going Dutch is not an option for me. I’m going to google it…

After working my way through the German dating sites and the strange dating tips (make sure you have a beer with his Dad???) it seems fairly similar to be honest, basically just depends on the guy himself. Fab, great, cool. I should probably choose the cheapest glass of wine just in case. Although then I will look cheap?? Gaaaah, I have been so focused on how we are going to communicate that I haven’t even thought about money. I don’t even know where we’re going. What if we go somewhere really nice? Too nice? €€€€€ What if he changes his mind and says let’s go for dinner? Help. Help. Help. Who knows, maybe he’ll text me later and bail (please?).

I really should stop writing now and actually look up some decent vocabulary (how do you say I give 100% of my earnings to charity????). Oh ma lord. Date. Tonight. German date, with a German, with a hot German, in Germany, speaking German, have to speak German.

How shall I have my hair?


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