I have finally given into the “Shall I? Shan’t I? Shall I? Shan’t I?” after a glorious weekend in Frankfurt and Mainz and have decided that I see too much cool stuff all the time to keep it all to myself. Sharing is caring after all and I do believe someone once said that life is too short, did they not? So, here goes.


I have been breezing by in Deutschland for 38 days now, euroless. There is not a single cent in my bank account, the machine actually reads €0,00, to be quite specific. And no, that’s not a typo in between the zeros, Europeans use commas instead of decimal points – first useless fact for you. I can’t stop looking at the fact that I started that sentence with “and”, something that I taught one of my pupils at school last week to never ever do, oops. Anyway, you might have clocked by now, that I am clearly employed, but that I have no money, and be starting to wonder whether I actually have a problem, or whether I just really like to splash the cash. Well the answer, is neither.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like to go all out occasionally (who doesn’t?), I am just really in no state to be able to afford that at the moment. Last week I checked my bank balance every day and each 0 on that statement stabbed me a little bit harder by the day. It wasn’t until the weekend when I learnt that everyone else working for the same organisation had already been paid that I realised something wasn’t quite right. To cut the crap, I did a little investigating at school today to discover that no one has even submitted my Antrittsmeldung form (the important piece of paper with ma bank deets) and that it has just been in one of those stupid pigeon holes for four weeks. This is proof right here and now that those silly little “cubby holes” are good for nothing, except maybe for concealing important documents from the human eye. So yeah, kein Geld.

I am aware that this isn’t a very big problem or at least that it isn’t anymore, hopefully the very strange fax machine noises and my mentor repeatedly whispering “Scheiße, Scheiße, Scheiße” means that I will soon have some dollar, or euros preferably, but looking back now, it does seem rather daft that even though I submitted everything before everyone, they were paid before me. I made sure I opened a bank account within a week of arrival and everything, not just because my banker is super cute (which he totally is, FYI). All is well and it is just a waiting/praying game now, I hope. Next week Copenhagen, Düsseldorf and Cologne are on the cards, so it would be cool to afford to at least eat something, you know? 



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